What’s the latest in fintech product?

Find out what's the latest in fintech product by downloading our Fintech Product Benchmark Report 2022

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What’s the role of product in the fintech sector? And what keeps fintech product professionals awake at night?

Download our Fintech Product Benchmark Survey 2022 results report to find out.

In October 2022, we partnered with the specialist fintech news media Everly.eu to run a benchmark survey and look at the current state of product management and development in the fintech sector. 

Over 100 product specialists from brands like Wise, EasyPaisa, American Express, Minted, and Playter completed the survey and shared their insights on their:

experience and remuneration levels,
internal processes and organisation,
key challenges they face,
current role priorities, and 
growth plans for the future.

The results report also features some exclusive thought leadership from industry leaders and influencers like:

Sam Boboev, Head of Product at StormPay;
Theo Chichirita, Co-founder & CTO at Playter;
Walid Abderaouf, Product manager at Yassir;
Clay Crosby, Head of Product at Untapped Global.

To learn why only 60% of fintechs are considered to be product-led, download the complete Fintech Product Benchmark Survey 2022 results report by completing the form on this page.

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