Strebkov Design is now Pixels & Sense

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Strebkov Design is now Pixels & Sense

Strebkov Design, a fintech-focused product design agency, announces its strategic rebranding as Pixels & Sense, signalling the company’s evolution from providing UX/UI design services to creating comprehensive digital experiences that solve customer needs in fintech while driving the business to the best results.

The new name reflects their commitment to striving for pixel perfection in designs with intuitive user flows driven by thoughtful insights gathered through data analysis. This rebrand journey strengthens the brand identity conveying the core values which differentiate them — meaningful UX design & flawless UI fueled by creativity and business acumen. Rebranding is supposed to represent the fintech product design consultancy with a focus on guiding every project to absolute customer success on all endpoints, whether a desktop or a mobile app, a website platform or even a Web3 project.

Over the past 20 years, Strebkov Design has built itself as one of the leading fintech UX/UI product design agencies, working with fintechs like Playter, Minted, Siren, Kinly, Untapped.

Today, Pixels & Sense strives to exceed customer expectations and create the best user experiences for the future. The decision was made to become Pixels & Sense out of the goal to open up new possibilities by offering innovative solutions with bold visual designs that connect brands to their target audiences in the most efficient ways.

“The way people interact with technology in conventional and innovational finance sectors might change tomorrow but now — more than ever — businesses need knowledgeable teams who understand the industry and the fundamentals of design whilst thinking about the future of the sector and staying ahead of the game. And that’s where the new name Pixels and Sense comes in place: A team of highly-skilled senior UX/UI design professionals, visual designers, researchers, and marketers combining world standard guidelines and experiences into the ultimate product development solution. We’ve been committed to providing overall product design solutions which cover any device and user segment while exceeding customers’ expectations time after time — while ensuring businesses that results are always delivered on time.” — says the founder Tim Strebkov.

Pixels & Sense provides a full suite of product design services for the Fintech industry. Its dedicated team of experts helps seed, series A startups and established companies meet all their UX/UI design, branding and user research needs.

The company offers the services via its revamped webpage at

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