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How we help fintechs succeed: The Fintech Product Pro Design Plan

The Fintech Product Pro Design Plan

We work with seed to Series A startups with funding ranging from $500K to $10—15M, as well as SMEs. Over the years, we developed a model that works best for our clients. To get maximum impact for the product design budget, fintechs need three things:

A digital-first visual branding. A clear set of rules and assets that work in the digital world based on real-life applications. A basic expandable design system and UI kit that gets you started.
UX/UI design. The financial industry faces niche-specific challenges such as building trust, complying with regulations, and integrating third-party services. Our design expertise helps you incorporate all necessary considerations into your product.
Website & Marketing. Start marketing while you’re building a product. This includes waiting lists, community, social media activities, and getting feedback from the industry, partners, and investors. We help you look and sound consistent and professional.

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