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Here's what fintech founders and product managers said when we asked them about their experience with Pixels and Sense. Check our profile on Clutch for more detailed reviews.

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'It is no surprise so many fintech companies choose to adopt their design services.'
Krunal Amin
Krunal Amin
CEO @ UniDex
Houston, TX, United States
'Clean, simple, logical UX design. Very clear and focused. Their communication and responsiveness were top rated...

...I've worked with a ton of consultants. It's rare to be this satisfied with work that calls for so much originality and first-principles thinking.'
Mike Kyriacou
Mike Kyriacou
CEO @ Kopernicus
Silicon Valley, CA, United States
'They’re fantastic in terms of project management; they’ve always met deadlines and have constant communication with us.'
Startup Lending Business
London, United Kingdom
'We were extremely happy with the outcome from the very beginning and were always able to get our product released in time with complete satisfaction.'
Nigam Saraiya
Nigam Saraiya
Chief Product Officer @ BestEx Research
Stamford, CT, United States
’Pixels and Sense has surprised and delighted us with smart, elegant UX design — not just pretty screens but customer experiences derived from first principles of business model and strategy.'
Hamzah Almasyabi
Hamzah Almasyabi
CEO @ Minted
Birmingham, United Kingdom
'Their professionalism as designers and their systematic approach are what stand out the most about their work. These guys are a machine for producing great designs with a disciplined orientation.'
Fintech Startup
San Francisco, CA, United States
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