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Learn how we created a unique, first-class product design for the DeFi options marketplace

About Siren

Siren is a decentralised blockchain (DeFi) platform for cryptocurrency traders and yield farmers. By deploying a fully-decentralized Automated Market Maker (AMM) model, Siren is on a mission to create a high-quality, seamless experience for sophisticated traders that requires no third-party settling mechanism or order matching to complete option settlement on-chain.

The Challenge

Siren’s initial goal was to create a Web3 product design for DeFi trading, staking, and yield farming, with simplicity as a critical requirement.

The UX/UI design of the platform needed to convey a recognizable brand identity and match the Web3 space at its best.

To achieve this, Siren needed a design partner to build the ultimate DeFi trading product without cutting off any features and functionalities while simultaneously bringing the Siren protocol’s full power to the end users. After careful consideration, the Siren team selected Pixels and Sense due to its strong experience and reputation in the fintech sector.

The project timeline from the prototype stage to the end deliverable product was 11 months.

The results

We went through the project’s scope, making the UI of Siren’s applications match their brand identity and Web3 brand language. We designed the fully responsive web-based UI for trading and yield farming and ensured that all of our design deliverables were rendering all the required features and functions.

Following the successful product launch, we now continue to support Siren’s team in their journey, working closely with stakeholders to add and improve the app’s functionality and maintain the overall quality of their digital product.

Without any doubt, the final result is excellent, the whole project stands on a completely different level. We’re still in the progress of tracking our end criteria for overall success. But we know for sure, that the final outcome of the project is an exact match with our requirements, vision and a staged/step-by-step plan of the details that we wanted to achieve

— Siren’s CTO

I’m very happy with our partnership. We highly appreciate that Pixels & Sense specialize in modern financial apps that serves younger audiences. The team's work fits very nicely in what we’re looking for — a user-friendly app wrapped in complex functionality.

— Siren’s CTO
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